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Made with human hands, generated by robots. 9669 unique hands with tons of character living on the blockchain. our goal is to give a helping hand to those who need it the most!
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HandJabs is a collection of 9669 hands created in a unique and fun style mixing collage, photography, 3D, and digital painting. While most projects of this kind are illustration-based, we take pride in introducing a completely new look and feel to the world of collectibles.

The concept and name for HandJabs originated as a joke, but when mendezmendez created the first tests, we realized we had something special in our hands. We like to joke around but at the end of the day we’re serious about good art, and helping people in unfortunate circumstances!

Each hand is unique and made from 100+ traits. Every hand is special, but some are more rare than others! Out of the 9669, 5 are ultra rare 1/1s featuring traits not found in any other hand.

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Our mission is to give a helping hand! For each hand you purchase, you’re directly helping someone in need. We all have seen the potential that NFTs have to change lives, but as with many opportunities in life, there are people who can’t take advantage of them due to their disability. This is why we’re committed to improve and change the lives of those who need it the most.

We will achieve this by setting aside 10% of primary and secondary sales to make strategic donations to charities and organizations who are truly dedicated to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

We will specifically focus on:

  • Sponsoring prosthetic limbs for people who can’t afford it
  • Donations to Medically Assisted Sex Care organizations
  • Donations to true grassroots disaster relief organizations

Range of Motion Project The Giving Block Direct Relief



 / mendezmendez

Artist and creator of the HandJabs project.
Know for having extra long fingers.


 / OmbraRD

Web, Smart Contract and generation developer.
Dat forearm tho!


 / Player0ne

Hand supermodel, 3D artist and community.


 / SurfKookie

Big wave charger, community and relationships lead..


 / bitcoinski

Web3 Development and Blockchain wizardry.


 / Calvin

Enlightened Frontend Web master.


 / OneRobot

Beep Boop HandBassador.

Masha Lince

 / Masha Lince

Light magician and content queen.